We have been doing business at the same location 
in Rochester, New Hampshire since 1912, and as a result we have an impressive number of long-time customers who rely on us to maintain their vehicles.

A Family Atmosphere is what you'll find here -
Not only with our customers, but among our employees as well.

Our policy is to "estimate-and-get-authorization-first",

which means that we diagnose the repairs needed and contact you before the repair work is done. This way, you know what to expect to pay when you pick up your vehicle, and there are no surprises.


We will keep you well informed throughout the repair process, and we feel we owe a large part of our success all these years to this policy.


Hervey's Tire Company is:  Charlie Hervey (3rd generation), Steve Hervey and Al Hervey (fourth generation owners),
Alice Hervey (fifth generation), Tanya (Cayer) Hervey, Jason Beck, Chris Turilli,  Tonia Wheeler and Tim Dillon